for the guess a character thing, if this is open: 1.) Lived with his grandfather until he was nine, 2.) orphaned twice, technically 3.) did not make the top ten in his class 4.) said to "cling" to the show's protagonist 5.) says some pretty "gloomy" things on occasion


imagefirst aid

I changed my url cause I dont need 5/6ths of my real name on the internet lmao


How long ago was ur motivation killed


what? theres no concrete time? roughly around grade like 4-8 was when i really really really started to feel like i was a piece of shit and an outsider (which i was lmao and still am i seriously am a piece of shit so whatever) but i was still trying to prove myself i guess which culminated in grade 10 when i won 7 academic awards in every subject i had taken and then the year after that i realized that it didnt matter and nobody cared if i was smart or not or at all and i started not caring about anything


this is the dumbest thing ever 


Im sitting on a park bench and I just want someone to talk to. I understand those old men who go to feed birds. Being alone right now isnt a feeling id say I like all that much right now.


hahaha i lie to everyone around me


Awwww i miss being angry on here how’s everyone doing?!???